Great risk for birth complications

According to large new study woman that gain more then 40 pounds during pregnancy probable may give birth to a heavy baby and may greater risk for birth complication and more likely to be obese later as they grow.

It is well known that mothers with gestational diabetes are likely to have huge babies, but the study shows a strong result of weight gain yet the mothers who were not diabetic.

Among women who were not diabetic, 19 percent of those who gained more than 40 pounds had large babies, compared with 11 percent of those who gained less. Non-diabetic women who put on more than 40 pounds were more likely to have a large baby than women treated for diabetes who gained less.

According to Dr. Teresa Hillier the lead Author of Kaiser Permanente and Physicians do a better jobs counseling women about weight gain in Portland, Ore “Our study provides one more good reason for women to gain the ideal amount of weight during pregnancy”

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