Physically Active With Moderate Alcohol Live Longer

A new Danish study has found that compared to non-drinkers, people who stay physically active and drink moderate amounts of alcohol have a lower risk of dying from heart disease and other causes.

The study was published today, Wednesday 9th January, in the European Heart Journal and was led by Professors Morten Grønbæk and Berit Heitmann. Grønbæk is Director of Research of the National Institute of Public Health at the University of Southern Denmark in Copenhagen, and Heitmann is Director for Research of the Institute of Preventive Medicine at Copenhagen University Hospitals.

The researchers found that people who don't drink alcohol and don't exercise had a 30 to 49 per cent elevated risk of heart disease compared to those who either exercise, drink, or both.

According to the researchers this was the first study to examine the combined effect of alcohol and exercise on fatal ischaemic heart disease (where the heart doesn't get enough blood) and death from all causes.

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